Epiphany of Learning. MY FAVORITE PART

1.Ephiphany of Learning Video!

2.Poem in response to class!!

Looked in the mirror to find not a critic;
no distance between the skin and the soul
this time
No declaring a body not whole
So my
heart has a zipper.
and so do the seams of my spine
clicking and fitting with a sound that’s like
When mom bundled you up in fleece jackets before you ventured into snow havens.
Sound that is home.
Not mom, but me
Everything I was, am, and yet to be
all the way down to my hair’s singed ends, my elbow’s bend, cracked, dry skin, and porous face,
Pulling that zipper that is mine to pull,
and creating; owning a being that’s a beam of light,
a sliver of night, a hunger, a joy, a peace, a planet, an alien thing which cannot be described.
United and bursting into something more, all the time.

These are the moments I live life for
That can be birthed from teaching classrooms and some coffee
Where opportunity feels so big and the space I have access to, so wide, and the discoveries still unmade—deep and rich.
Worthwhile. Worth living for. Worth crying for.
Worth asking yourself to get out of bed for.
Share and take part and be present in life.
Find a new little piece of yourself every day and absorb the journey.

3. One of the most beautiful things I saw in this class:

Why? Because it exemplified so many mundane or usual aspects of life like blowing your nose, eating a banana split, wanting to run away as a kid, etc. But it did it in a way that was so extraordinary and heart wrenching that it shook my soul to think that I am apart of something so vast and beautiful as life. The way it was done–exemplifying words in such a lively connotative way that wound up your emotions was so powerful. To see a space bar and then outer space brought to life the worlds that something as simple as words open up for us. The gift to be able to even attempt to describe what happens around us and what happens in us is the most indescribably striking thing.

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnMTHhKdkw

I consistently return to Rita Pierson’s Ted Talks as motivation for my future career.



Author: Aufhebensite

Education embodies movement: Moving away from the person you are one day to a better person the next; consistently striving for what the Germans call Aufheben: The movement of canceling, preserving, and elevating thought. New information, new knowledge and new truths will consistently bring about cognitive dissonance—discomfort with previously made assertions, and there will be a need to take steps back, reevaluate, cancel and or keep, preserve and continue to elevate one’s thoughts. Transform one’s thoughts, transform one’s person. Education is by no means a way of perfecting a person in one sense or another; it’s about movement and personal growth.

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