The power of being PRESENT

Hey ya’ll. Just an update.
It’s funny because I’m sure I’m the only one reading and rereading these posts, but I’ve decided something! I’m going to keep this up; I am going to post throughout my student-teaching/teaching journey so that I can reflect on my experiences and probably arrive at some clarity through it all. As I said in the last post, my emotionally-charged posts will most likely begin chaotically, but will end with some optimism–maybe just enough to get me through the day. So this will be good for me; therapeutic if you will.

Since “Fear” struck me (reference to last post) I have slowly but surely moved to face the reality that I WILL be student-teaching in January. That is something I can say now without my heart threatening to abort my chest; it’s real and it’s happening. What are allowing me to feel okay about it (HA, I am just as doubtful as I am “okay”…I go through phases) are these facts:
#1: I’m with an experienced cooperating teacher who knows her stuff
#2: I love English! I love the books we’re going to be reading and I’m excited to revisit them
#3: I love the idea that maybe I can make a sliver of difference in someone’s life

All I really want to do…before helping students distinguish between a simile and a metaphor, is reveal to them their infinite worth. I just want to empower them; make them believe they are strong and capable in mind and heart. Help them to be curious individuals who are fascinated by their worlds. Remind them of the importance of being present in life. Wow, that is one of the most HUGE realizations I’ve made recently.

You can plan your life away. You can freak the HECK out about your unknown future or just the unknown in general! But once you face the fact that the unknown is inevitable and it will always be in front of you, you can hold hands with that fact; you can examine where you are and soak it all in for exactly what it is: a gift. Every moment alive is a gift. Once you make yourself present in your experiences, I think your life changes. I think you become better, more grateful, more happy, more at ease…truly, a better human being.

If I can get my future students to realize even one of those things I listed above, especially the power of being present, there’s no way I won’t feel satisfied with what I’m doing.

Just one more thing I thought I’d add is the awesomeness of visualization. Visualizing yourself doing all the things you want to do and letting those images fire you up to make them a reality–There’s so much power in power of will, ladies and gentleman.

Last thoughts: I am so thankful to have these realizations today. I am thankful for my opportunities. LOVE AND GOOD VIBES TO ALL xoxoxoxoxo